9 PM EST Cycler Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials submitted by our some of our many happy members.
beautannner6969 Says: wo what a great idea love it gonna make alot of money
gititu Says: Hello Guys ?
I have just bought a position, am new and from the looks of things ,the sight is great.Will post another comment afterwards.
konica76 Says: Very good site! I very like!pays well!
vkrshah110 Says: if any pakistani is here.
than plz guide me how it works
road2riches2010 Says: I get paid yesterday!
bssam Says: only the pest
lawsoncc Says: I cycled! $157 on my $85 spend so far!
nyactor3 Says: Wow... this was the fastest money I have ever made. In 24 hours I doubled my investment. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it for myself.
alfred Says: Excellent cycler. Admin is very responsive and pays promptly.

Done well with the lines, excellent profits.

Highly recommended!!!

- Alfred
cyclepro Says: This is a fantastic opportunity to have a continuous flow of cash for pennies on the dollar. I keep cycling and it's working.

Do yourself a favor and try it. You can use your earnings to purchase more positions. I just roll all earnings over every time and my money is growing at a rapid rate.

Glad I Did
shs. Florida, USA
northstar Says: This is the only cycler I have ever got paid from. An honest program, don't be afraid to join!!
eirei Says: this is a great cycler if you want more of this join http://www.6pmest.com/?eirei

9PM EST is too late in your timezone? why not join an earlier cycler


see you there
seeker99 Says: This Cycler was the first cycler I have ever invested and without a doubt it was worth it. I've just received my first Withdraw and I'm really looking forward, to receive my next ones =)
pernille1970 Says: Another Great line, and fast cycling. Remember to reinvest some to keep it cycling.You have earned $74.80 since your last payment notification!
thet4 Says: I've been in too many cyclers before, but this one IS THE TOPS. 200% ROI &
it's the most user freindly script I've seen
at a cycler.
I'd write more, but I have to send out
some ads so I can buy more Positions.

Mike Tallent aka thet4
(Ownwer & admin of (12) safe lists &(3) web sites,

2 years online & You learn how to spot the good ones.
jakant Says: Why 9PM Est Cycle: This bomb on the Internet
make money, the faster you are, the faster the money comes to your pocket! Join and we look you!


jakant<< My referral


Since Antonio Neo
karena62372 Says: If you looking for another cycler thats new, visit here at this newly going live site at http://www.6pmest.com?karena62372
Just remember that 6pm on a specific night will launch...

Thanks for these sites...

jakant Says: Hi! this is excitant, i adore it!

The best is: make friends and to gain money, very

money! UHUUU!!!! more,more,more $$$$$$

allenk1981 Says: already cycled all my initial invest positions and then some. Have cashed out $150 before I left for work, was ready and waiting for me when I got home today. YAY! This is a great cycler definately going to continue investing in this one.
killaserpent Says: Just cash out $860 into alert pay. Paid in less than 24hrs.
boxmanjames Says: You got paid. Just cash out $220.00 in alert pay.In less then 24 hour. Get in and make you some cash.
killaserpent Says: Great site, very reasonable admin. I made alot of money so far. Get onboard now
azat2043 Says: i did pay for position today 14/06/2009 2.10 pm.. have fun and more money!!
pernille1970 Says: Fantastic cycler.

Great work, and fast cycling.
Thanks Admin :-)
q4u Says: Great program so far into launch after 2 hours 23 minutes still cycling !
Launch on the dot as far as time goes but, would be better if the cycled position numbers were showing.
Koodos to you for pulling it off though guys !

svelaus Says: Wow that was fast, cycled same second I purchased
russell1 Says: This is the greatest.............
russell1 Says: I was the First to enter with $5.

Please, pay me into AP and I will play again.

mega10 Says: This a wonderful program that you can make money at fast and easy. Start making money now!!
Join under me at:
twinkle Says: I'm looking forward to 9pmest! This is going to be great and definitely affordable!!

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